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Before you decide on how to proceed with a roof repair, you must have it checked by an expert. It's one thing to have a few missing shingles that get blown off by strong winds, but a leakage that goes through the inner layers of your roofing system can do a lot more damage in the long run.

So even if you have a box left over from when the roof was first installed, you may not be able to match them with the ones on your roofing. It might be difficult to find replacement shingles to match with the remainder of the roofing system. However, if the afflicted location remains in an unnoticeable area or is reasonably small, you might be able to change the ones that have actually been damaged without drawing more attention to the affected area.

Your shingles exist to safeguard your roofing deck from moisture and wind, and even the tiniest exposed area suffices to allow water to permeate into the underlayment and onto the deck. Many house owners want to know if they can patch a broken area or section that reveals indications of wear and tear.

Covering can work in some cases, but you can have the same problems as replacing damaged shingles. A roofing specialist will be able to examine it more completely so she or he can identify if covering the roof will extend its life-span without leading to any further damage. A roofing specialist will take a look at both the outside of your roof and the boards in your attic, which will reveal any indications of wetness if it has actually made its way through the roofing system deck.

Another bad sign is the existence of granules in your rain gutters or on the ground. They're little, pebble-like pieces that coat the outside of your shingles, and it can leave them more prone to harm if they have fallen off. Indications of a drooping roof can likewise indicate a more serious problem.

Even if you can spot your roofing, the result may not be visually pleasing. The broken area is always much larger than when you have to replace a few damaged shingles, so it may be hard to get the repaired location to match with the rest of your roofing. You may be asking yourself if you can set up another layer of shingles over your existing roofing system.

You may have covered up the issue, but there could still be damage below that will worsen gradually. A lot of building regulations local roofing companies will permit up to two layers of shingles on a house, so it may be possible to put another layer of shingles on your roofing. However if you have more than two layers, you could be putting too much weight on your house's supporting structure.


Rather of swindling one layer of shingles, the roofing professional will have to eliminate two. You may also have a harder time finding the source of a leakage since rather of looking for it under one layer of shingles, you'll have to check out 2 of them. Positioning a 2nd layer of shingles might likewise void your manufacturer's guarantee, which will safeguard you if the new shingles are defective. Tile is an extremely resilient product and is able to stand up to a few of the harshest elements such as hail, wind, and fire. The one drawback to tile has been its weight; they have generally been extremely heavy and require specific structural standards for the frame and decking of the roofing system.

Tile, in general, has an excellent life span, with a period of approximately 40 or 50 years. Tile roofings use one of the longest warranties in the roof industry. Sandcast tile is a special tile made from all natural products, primarily clay and sand. Its most appealing quality is the originality that depends on the color variances which vary from batch to batch.

The look tends to be rustic and will match many architectural styles, specifically Southwestern and Mediterranean-style homes. The only failure with a sandcast roof is that it can not be walked on due to the fact that of the delicate nature of the tiles. Concrete tile is made of Portland cement, sand, and water, then embeded in molds under high pressure.

An unique texture might be included surface treatment. In addition, each tile type might have separate field, ridge, hip, gable and terminal tiles that are various shapes. Concrete tile has essentially all of the benefits of clay tile, however with the included advantage of being available in an even greater number of styles including standard clay, slate, and even wood shake!.?. !! It is perfect for communities with appearance codes because it has such a vast array of look choices.

Likewise go to ARCA and Tile Roof Institute for additional information about tile roofings. The acclaimed team at Lyons Roofing emphasizes excellence, commitment, and professionalism. We likewise stress safety, with a full-time security officer on staff to ensure compliance and care. Our roofing repair work in Tucson & Phoenix is licensed, bonded, and insured for your comfort.

Among the best ways to pick a roof specialist is to ask friends or loved ones for recommendations. You can likewise call a professional roofing association for recommendations. Expert associations have stringent standards for their members to follow. The roofing association in your area will provide you with a list of readily available contractors.